Meet Greg

Why I'm running


I have spent my life living in this great state.  As the grandson of a farmer, the son of a public school teacher, and a graduate of the University of Missouri, I have seen and experienced every corner of the Show-Me State.  However it's Kansas City, and our neighborhood in particular, that I am proud to call home.

From our home here in Kansas City I have spent my professional career fighting for the progressive causes we hold dear.  Whether working to ensure all Missourians are treated equally under the law; fighting to ensure everyone has access to affordable healthcare; or giving a voice to individuals and communities who are not being heard; I have been on the forefront and look forward to the opportunity to do so in the General Assembly

As much as I love this state of ours, I know we have significant issues to overcome. We have a crumbling infrastructure with no funding solution in sight.  Thousands of our fellow citizens still lack access to affordable healthcare.  And far too many groups of people are still fighting for full equality under the law.  All of this happening while much of our political leadership lacks the civility and demeanor necessary to find real solutions.  I look forward to being part of the solution for all these issues.